One of the most annoying things in the world: a penny.

Pennies are common and everywhere. They all seem to be different shades of brown with each one able to tell a different story of where it’s been and what it’s seen. Unfortunately, for the most common piece of jingling coin, they can’t speak or even visually hint at their lives. All we get is a date and some weathering. It seems like I can’t ever be rid of them, either. Every time I empty my cup holders, there’s a penny. Floating among the many useless items in my purse, pennies. The little brown thing I catch my son trying to put in his mouth, a penny. This item with such little monetary value seems to be ever present in my life.

However, when you put them together, and keep putting them together, they become less annoying and more impressive.

I have adopted the term “penny” to not just describe this annoying coin, but to describe the lifestyle I choose. And similar to pennies, people look at me, at how I’m dressed and how I speak, and often assume the same. I’m annoying, I’m common, people like me are everywhere. Aside from the different shades and limited value, our only defining qualities are a bit of weathering and the date. But as we all truly are unique, I really just want to share with you my unimpressive life, colored by the unique circumstances that surrounds it.

I hope you don’t mind if I (the mixed penny) discuss with you what it’s like existing amongst the “loose change.”